Your Vision, Our Expertise

We understand the pool construction process can feel like you’re treading water. So, our team of experts is here to personally guide you through every step, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish.

Together, we’ll design a luxurious pool that not only fits your style but also aligns with your investment goals, all the while ensuring it exceeds standard expectations for quality and lasting durability.

While other pool companies focus on speed and their bottom line, we prioritize meticulous craftsmanship, unwavering customer satisfaction, and a commitment to elevating your outdoor space into a timeless oasis.

At Splash Zone Pools, we believe in crafting not just pools but enduring memories, ensuring your investment is a source of joy for years to come.

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What Can I Expect During My Pool Construction?


Tell us all about your dream pool

Our designers will meet with you to get an idea of your design goals and expectations. After carefully measuring out the perfect pool location, the creative process of bringing your vision to life begins!

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Receive your 3D rendering

You’ll then receive a 3D-rendered design before construction begins. Make any revisions or adjustments you desire – it’s your vision, and we want to ensure it’s perfect before the first shovel hits the ground!

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Construction begins

We’ll take our approved designs and dimensions and lay out the plan in its designated location. Once approved, we start digging!

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Add steel and plumbing

We’ll create the framework of your pool ensuring your pool’s foundation is strong and durable. Then, we’ll install plumbing and test pressure and water quality.

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Gunite is applied

Under intense pressure, we expertly apply Gunite to the recommended thickness over the steel framework, guaranteeing a robust and resilient structure built to last.

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Add tile and coping

We add beautiful hand-selected tiles or stones and install them around the perimeter of your pool.

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Install equipment

We set up the core electrical system and install all vital pool equipment, plumbing, lights, and controls.

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Add waterproof plaster

We cover the Gunite shell with a waterproof plaster of your choice for added durability and aesthetic appeal.

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Pool School then enjoy!

After filling and balancing your pool, we will conduct a personalized ‘pool school’ session with you. We’ll guide you through the operation of your pool equipment and the essential care steps. Then you can enjoy your new pool oasis!

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Seems like a dream come true, right?

Begin designing your dream pool stress-free today!

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